Bianca Jackson CEO Eclipse Luxury Contacts

Bianca Jackson

Eclipse Luxury Contacts CEO



Launched in 2016 by Bianca Jackson, Eclipse Luxury Contacts Lenses is determined to become USA Premier Cosmetic Lens provider.

Eclipse Luxury Contact Lenses, has partnered with some of the most reputable contact manufacturing facilities in the world. Each manufacturer we partner with are US FDA approved and safe. All manufactures have been researched and have long standing legitimacy in their respective countries. They all have state of the art facilities and provide the most current technologies offered. We provide quality contacts with the highest standards in beauty and style.

Eclipse Luxury Contact Lenses strives to lead the industry by offering innovative product design. Our highly successful signature designs make us market leaders, and within our extensive line of high unique beauty lenses, you will find a customizable design to accommodate all types of fashion, beauty and lifestyle choices.

Thanks to new manufacturing technology and advanced new lens materials, today’s custom lenses are better than ever, making them the lens of choice for those living a trendy lifestyle with a fresh fashion and beauty sensibility.

We believe we are the first in the USA with such a variety of color lenses. We are fortunate to be chosen and sought out by the most talented contact lens manufactures. We continue to search to partner with the most creative contact manufactures in order to offer a variety not only to increase the selection for our customers in the USA, but we choose manufactures that make contacts that seamlessly natural. Therefore each lense we offered is designed with one or more base eye color in mind and hence would offer a variety of distinct look for other colors..